Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Knowledge Genie: Package, Publish and Sell your Smarts

For most non-fiction authors, you write a book for the credibility it gives you, and then you monetize your smarts by going on the road 300 days a year doing speaking and consulting gigs.

But what if you could clone yourself and sell your smarts another way? What if you could take the static content of your book, and combine it with various other information, content and links, then make it so your customer can interact with it on the web, almost like a virtual coach?

That's the idea behind Knowledge Genie, a cool new digital publishing startup that launched today (Disclosure: I'm an advisor to the company, and the PR firm I own reps them. So although my enthusiasm for what they're doing is genuine, I encourage you to check them out and form your own opinion).

Ever since I launched Smashwords over a year ago, I've talked about how ebooks would evolve to the point where they serve as both the hub and the spokes of richer online applications. When the founders of Knowledge Genie first contacted me, this is why I was so excited about them.

Let's face it. Most content delivery today is static. Just words on some substrate medium (paper, screens, or even air if you want to want to count skywriters). Knowledge Genie is one of first examples I've seen where we get a hint of how books might contribute to the evolution of more fully formed content experiences.

Like a book, a Knowledge Genie app is what the author makes it, so it'll be fun to what types of creativity will emerge from Knowledge Genie authors and publishers.

Knowledge Genie might also serve as a platform for a new breed of publisher who takes previously published book content and brings it to live as a dynamic online web application.

Start building your first Genie today for free at Knowledge Genie.

David Weir has an excellent analysis of Knowledge Genie's potential over at BNET.

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