Saturday, May 7, 2011

Smashwords Releases Two Billionth Word

Yesterday evening, a Smashwords author released the two billionth word at Smashwords.

If you could anthropomorphize your words - if your words could speak - what memories would they recall of the long hours touching your soul, of feeling your love and commitment?

What stories would they tell about their journey traveling from your head to your fingers to the screen of your word processor to the eyes, minds and imaginations of your readers?

What secrets would they keep?

These two billion words at Smashwords aren't just words. They represent the creative progeny and expression of 19,000 authors around the world.

As I reflect upon these last three wild years, I want to thank all Smashwords authors and publishers for your trust, commitment and support as we work to bring your words to readers. Three years in, together we've only scratched the surface of the possible.


Anonymous said...

Awesome Mark. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! on this major milestone. Smashwords has been great for me and I recommend it often to friends and on my blog.

Ben Campbell Novels said...

Love and spice and everything nice.
Create and late all is fate.
Not so late with eBook trade.
Hard copy books start to fade.
Building a niche to fit together.
Books and eBooks live forever.
Congrats, Mark.

Cathrin said...

I'm new to Smashwords and would like to say that my first impressions of the company are all good. Congratulations. I look forward to seeing what the future holds.

MARK HILL - writer guy said...

Having contributed 136,300 words to the total, I have to say I'm happy to be a part of it.


Mark Hill

Rahma Krambo said...

I'm looking forward to publishing with Smashwords soon. Thanks for such a great service!

Lindsay Buroker said...

A couple hundred thousand of those words are mine, yay!

I bet the two billionth was "the." ;)

Ebook Endeavors

Admin said...

That would be a great little competition to run, Mark... Guess what the 2 billionth word was!

Anonymous said...

Good job, Mark. I added another 145k words to Smashwords total with my first ebook title, Traitor's Daughter. Great experience so far. Diolch yn fawr.

Smashwords Author,
Lily Dewaruile

Joleene Naylor said...

heh-heh. Mine would say things that are not repeatable in polite company, more than likely aimed at me ;)

Seriously though, yay! It's nice to know some of those words are mine :)

Unknown said...

That is really an achievement. Let's hope new authors and established ones continue to add even more words to the Smashwords website. I am so happy to have found this site!

Danielle Benson, author of The Proposal: Book One (The Beautiful People)

Sami Salkosuo said...

I am also part of the two billion words :-)

However, two billion is not really the point. As Mark commented: "What secrets would they keep?"

I wrote a blog entry They wouldn't exist about similar thought. Inspired by a column in IEEE Spectrum.