Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Smashwords Launches Ebook Publishing Solution for Book Publishers

After a few months of beta testing with a group of about twenty indie publishers, today we formally announced our new publisher solution at Smashwords.

As most Smashwords followers know, when we first launched Smashwords we made it easy for indie authors to self-publish ebooks, but we didn't have a robust solution for multi-author publishers.

With today's announcement, we now offer a compelling ebook publishing, promotion and selling platform for publishers and indie authors alike.

Publishers receive the same great royalty structure we provide our indie authors. Up to 85 percent of the net proceeds of each sale go to the publisher. I say "up to," because in the weeks ahead we'll introduce a new Smashwords-developed affiliate program in which authors and publishers can opt to forgo a small portion of their royalty so that third party marketers (authors, book enthusiasts, web site operators, bloggers, specialty online bookstores, digital book distributors, book communities, etc.) have incentive to independently promote a publisher's titles.

This is just the latest of several exciting enhancements we have planned for Smashwords in the months ahead.

To learn more about the new Smashwords publisher solution, see our press release, or visit How to Publish on Smashwords.


Anonymous said...


Mark, you're the bomb. Thanks so much for Smashwords and especially for the new Affiliate Program. I hope it's up soon but I think your publisher program is already driving in new buyers.

I've been having real sales issues with Mobipocket. Interesting that it occurred at the first of April. At my prior rate of sales, I'd have earned out royalty in April. Mobi doesn't pay until you've earned 150 Euros and I was a new author starting in February.

From a lot of sales, my numbers crashed. In all of April, 1 sale on Mobi, and that's across several titles. A slow decline, I'd get. Up and down like the economy, I'd get. But a sudden crash? That's strange.

Then I heard about the affiliate program here. For now, I've deactivated all my books on Mobi. Can't wait to hear details and really can't wait until you get the program going.

UNLIKE MOBI, you actually pay the royalties authors earn. What a concept!!

You're a peach, a plum, the top banana. Heck, you're the whole fruit basket.

Thanks again,

Mary Anne Graham

Dovetail Public Relations said...

Hi Mary Anne, thanks so much for the kind words and thanks also for publishing four books with us! For those of you out there, check out Mary Anne's books at http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/magraham