Monday, May 4, 2009

Smashwords Book Marketing Guide Updated (plus links to other useful book marketing books)

This morning I published a new edition of the free Smashwords Book Marketing Guide, a primer on book marketing. Share it with your author friends.

Even authors and publishers who don't publish on Smashwords will find value here (why they wouldn't publish on with Smashwords is beyond the realm of common sense!) .

Some of the new updates include:
1. New tips on how to use Smashwords Coupon Generator to build buzz, readership and reviews for your book.

2. Expanded section on how to (and how not to) use Twitter to promote your book.

3. New common sense tips on how to locate and participate in online communities that will be interested in your book and your subject matter expertise.

4. And several other minor updates across 19 other tips.

And while you're donning your marketing hat, check out the growing library of other Smashwords books that offer other great marketing tips for indie authors and publishers, including:

Self Publishing Manual Volume 2 by Dan Poynter
Our #1 best-selling self publishing title and a great source for social media marketing tips. If you haven't already seen it, drop everything and read our exclusive interview with Dan on the future of books.

4Ps to Publishing Success by Shelley Lieber
Learn how to treat publishing as a business. See our exclusive interview with Shelley for more information

From Book to Market: Internet marketing, sales and promotion for your book by Joanna Penn
Joanna is a great source for marketing tips. We hope to do a Q&A interview with her in the next couple months.

Internet Marketing Guide for Writers and Businesses by Sylvia Hubbard
Name your own price. An interview with Sylvia coming soon!

Plug Your Book! Online Book Marketing for Authors by Steve Weber
This book is packed with tips, and it's free. Steve wrote an interesting editorial at Teleread over the weekend on his experiences with Amazon.

POD'd The How to Guide.. and converely why you shouldn't by Don Meyer
Just in case some of you think I'm blindly pro all-things-self-publishing (well, maybe sometimes), here's an interesting book that provides the other side of the story. It reads almost like a personal memoir of someone who went through the POD publishing process and came face to face with the difficulties of getting your book out there. Consider it a well-written and worthwhile reality check. Don used a POD vendor who required him to purchase copies.
Happy marketing!

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