Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Sixth Annual Smashwords End of Year Sale Begins December 15

The sixth annual Smashwords End of Year Sale kicks off December 15 and will run through January 1. 

Enrollment is now open for Smashwords authors at

Over the last 15 years at Smashwords, our site-wide sales have become popular annual traditions for readers and authors alike.  

These sales are collaborative author marketing events.  Thousands of indie authors and publishers join to promote these massive sales that routinely include 50,000 or more exclusive deals on deep-discounted titles, and that's not including the over 80,000 ebooks priced everyday at free.

This sixth year of the Smashwords End of Year Sale promises to be our largest  EOY sale ever.  It will be the first time indie ebooks from Draft2Digital authors and publishers will join the sale. 

Draft2Digital authors will be able to enroll in the sale starting around December 6.  This means thousands of new authors will have the opportunity to contribute tens of thousands of additional titles to the delight of Smashwords customers.  

It's quite common for Smashwords customers to stuff their shopping carts with hundreds of dollars worth of deep-discounted titles during these sales.  Since Smashwords authors earn 80% or more of the list price as their royalty for customer cart sizes over $9, it means even 99-cent ebooks often earn 80% list during these sales, as do higher-priced books.

Enjoy, and please invite your author and reader friends to join the sale too!

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