Saturday, December 11, 2021

Smashwords End of Year Sale Kicks off December 17

The fifth annual Smashwords End of Year Sale starts this Friday, December 17, running through January 1.  For these last two weeks of the year, tens of thousands of indie ebooks will be priced at exclusive discounts of 25%, 50%, 75%, and even free.

Smashwords authors and publishers can enroll their tiles from the home page or go directly to 

Entire catalogs can be opted in at once.

Starting December 17, readers will find the sale prominently promoted at the top of the Smashwords home page, from which they can enter an entire section of our store dedicated to participating titles.

These sales are always a lot of fun.  It's the time of year we see customers' virtual shopping carts filled to the brim with dozens, sometimes even hundreds of new books as they try new authors and stock up on their favorites.

Thank you Smashwords customers for supporting the hard work of Smashwords authors and publishers.  Happy holidays everyone.

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