Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Book Launch: eBook Preorder and Presale Strategies to Grow Readership

I'm a huge fan of ebook preorders and ebook presales.

They both play different but essential roles in helping you build a successful publishing business.

Two weeks ago at the San Francisco Writers Conference, I presented a workshop about ebook preorders and presales.

You can download the full PDF of the presentation here.  Feel free to share it with your author friends!

What you'll learn:
  • How book launch timelines have evolved for indie authors over the last decade 
  • Why ebook preorders and presales are essential best practices for book launches
  • How to improve reader targeting by turning a single book launch into multiple book launches
  • How ebook presales increase the perceived desirability of your upcoming book
  • Why its dangerous to allow social media platforms and retailers to fully mediate (control) your relationships with - and access to - your readers
  • How to use the promise of presales to grow your mailing list 365 days a year
  • How to run an ebook presale
  • Presale marketing tips

This was my first public presentation discussing the new patent-pending Smashwords Presales feature we announced in December.

You can check out the full presentation here:

Enjoy, and please share with your author friends!