Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Indie Authors on Indie Authorship

image reads:  "Indie authors on indie authorship"
We asked members of the Smart Author Podcast launch team to share their thoughts on indie authorship.

Here's what they shared.  Their quotes run the spectrum from insightful, to heart warming, to hilarious to downright strange.  Just like authors.

If any of these images speak to you, feel free to click to enlarge then download to your device or desktop and share.  You can also find these quotes at Facebook at the Smart Author Podcast page, where you can like them and share them.

What does indie authorship mean to you?   Add your own thoughts below in the comments.

image reads:  "I write to bring beauty and kindness to the world, to touch my reader's hearts with intriguing ideas."

image reads:  "Being an indie author means creative freedom"

image reads:  "Self-publishing = sharing your story on your own terms"

image reads:  "I ink, therefore I ham"

image reads:  "I write to be an inspiration to a little girl like me"

image reads:  "My stories come from someone inside me.  I'm just the typist"

image reads:  "Indie writing is the way to go this generation"

image reads:  "The best thing about writing fiction is that you can Be anyone, Do anything, as well as choose your age, sex and future.  Anything is possible."

image reads:  "Life as an indie means freedom to be a creative Romance Author"

image reads:  "Reading and writing - humankind's greatest inventions.  Why not use them?"

image reads:  "Indie Authors - Best at Authorised Authors"

image reads:  "Indie authors = Close2FreedomOnSteroids"

image reads:  "No traditional publisher could keep up with me.  I had to go indie"

image reads:  "I live to share creative visualization; the essense of imagination"

image reads:  "The universe of imagination is so much larger than the physical universe"

image reads:  "I write stories that are fun to read and inform"

image reads (long):  "It's a puzzle exceedingly complication, deep as it is upsetting, and a maze of events to sort out so troubling that one wonders daily about its purpose.  It's walking a high rude escarpment without a safety line when the wind blows chilly and hard against your face, a thing that wil take your whole life and with tenacity, unpaid labord, much reading, more editing, rewriting, rewriting and rewriting, defying the naysayers, cursing your lot in life, begging forgiveness for thinking you hand something important to say to seven to eight billion souls who look at you with cold uncaring eyes.  Your skill is never sufficient tto drive them running through the streets shouting your thoughts and setting the world on fire with your words.  Worse still, you must know the whole entire entity but be shrewd enough to realize only two simple facts about it. You knew zilch and yet you must know everything before you publish.  Why would anyone even attempt it?"  by Edward St. Amant

image reads:  "Writing is an addition, an itch I have to scratch."

image reads:  "Beautiful writings = happy people"

image reads:  "Indie Publisher - Is Indie-Pen-dent"

image reads:  "Indie Publishing = the age of e-Enlightenment"

image reads:  "I invite readers to shift their frame of reference"

image reads:  "Indie authorship is th eultimate in self-empowerment!"

image reads:  "I love turning a blank page into a new world!"

image reads:  "Fiction must serve a purpose higher than chronocide: through Indie Authorship I can help ensure that it does"

image reads:  "A story is an audience with another soul: the writer's honor and privilege"

image reads:  "Your true pallette is the reader's imagination"

image reads:  "Writing keeps my soul alive"

image reads:  "I write to share all the worlds that are in my mind"

image reads:  "Writing makes me whole"

image reads:  "I am a guardian of the lexicon.  I build words before breakfast and defeat demons before dusk.  I am a writer... care to join me?"

image reads:  "As an indie author I control my own destiny"

image reads:  "I write because I enjoy writing.  I chose the indie author route because I was inspired by a female author back in the 90's who I heard was rejected from publishers 200 times!  She didn't let all those rejections stop her so she wound up publishing her own books and sold her books from the trunk of her car and sold thousands of copies!!  That when I found out that authors can publish their own books and sell the books themselves.  She is my inspiration!!"

image reads:  "I contribute to the great conversation of life"

image reads:  "Indie = My Way"

image reads:  "Indie publishing brings the freedom to share my vision with the world"

image reads:  "Writing is capturing the stories that rattle around in my head"

image reads:  "I write, I create and I'm in charge.  I'm an indie author"

image reads:  "I try to do what makes me happy; therefore, I write :)  "

image reads:  "Satisfying an author's desire to write and a reader's need for books"

image reads:  "As an indie author, when I write, I get to play with real guns, and sleep with voluptuous women half my age!"

image reads:  "Being an indie author gives me freedom to share and inspire others"

image reads:  "Indie authorship allows me to share my creativity"

image reads:  "I am writing to make the people discover the fact of this life and the fact of themselves"

image reads:  "Indie authors like me can share their work with the world"

image reads:  "Indie authors are the new age of writing"

image reads:  "To publish is to share one's heard, mind and soul"

image reads:  "My mind and my fingers on the keyboard transport me to imaginary places with imaginary people and exciting new experiences"

image reads:  "Writing is art, which I feel a wonderful compulsion to do and share - freely"

image reads:  "Indie Authorship:  Writer's tool for free expression, reader's right to choose"

image reads:  "Indie authorship is my driven purpose and destiny, the eReader being my priority"

image reads:  "Indie Authorship is a dream, the eBook is the fulfilment"

image reads:  "You are your own best publisher"

image reads:  "A culture of reading today and beyond tomorrow over the globe"

image reads:  "Breaking boundaries in the mind of knowledge"

image reads:  "Writing centers me and is the base from which I operate"

image reads:  "Indie authors create amazing careers"

image reads:  "I publish independently because it combines two things I love - writing and running my own business"

image reads:  "I write to breath life into my characters"

image reads:  "Changing the world by writing the future"

image reads:  "I still can't believe how quick and how easy it was to publish my first eBook, and inexpensive, too!"

image reads:  "I won't let a publisher's accountant decide when my book goes out of print"

image reads:  "Writing allows me to live multiple lives at the same time"

image reads:  "I write because my words connect me with you."

image reads:  "Indie publishing allowed me the opportunity to see my dreams come true.  It gave me a platform to build from and the opportunity to share my stories with the world at large.  An opportunity that used to be denied to so many is now an open possibilility for anyone who wishes to take the plunge."

image reads:  "Self-publishing:  bringing out the Indie in Me!"

image reads:  "Publishers need to break even; I wanted to breakout" by Rebecca Forster

image reads:  "Indie Authorship - Complete control of the creative process"

image reads:  "Writing: The legal drug of creativity"

image reads:  "I write for me"

image reads:  "I write to share all the voices in my head"

image reads:  "As an Indie Author it gives me full control"

image reads:  "I am ME as an Indie Author"

image reads:  "Writing talks to my soul in a way that speech never could"

image reads:  "Creative control - not a single regret for going indie"

image reads:  "Writing is life and self-publishing is freedom"

image reads:  "I write to quiet the voices in my head"

image reads:  "Writing heals my soul"

image reads:  "Write because it's your passion, and build you tribe with positive people"

image reads:  "Every word, every sentence, every book gives voice to the world"

image reads:  "Forget traditional rejections, go indie for success"

image reads:  "Self publshing makes my dream of being an writer come true every day"

image reads:  "I've always been an indie: independent, individual, invariably experimenting... Naturally I self-publish"

image reads:  "Imaginitive words detonate vivid images in our mind's eye"

image reads:  "If I tell you a story, you might find yourself in it."

image reads:  "I belive readers should seal an author's fate - not literary agents"

image reads:  "Meet the alchmist of today - a Writer"

image reads:  "Indie authors are digital culture's creative experimenters"

image reads:  "Independent authors save on postage"

image reads:  "Self-publishing = self-sovereignty"

image reads:  "I have stories in me that have to come out!"

image reads:  "When life gives you lemons, write it down and publish"

image reads:  "Create characters.  Build them, love them.  Release them to the world"

image reads:  "I write to leave something of value"

image reads:  "Words need friends too so I put them on the page"

image reads:  "Stories are prisoners in writer's heads.  Writing sets them free."

image reads:  "Go indie!"

image reads:  "I'm living my dream to write and publish"

image reads:  "Indi-litero=masochism (n): the perverted joy of writing your own rejection letters"

image reads:  "I write to let the aliens know what I think"

image reads:  "Indie authorship is a revolution.  I want to pioneer that revolution in India."

image reads:  "Writing's my passion, my way of helping others find their passion."

image reads:  "I'm an indie 'cause I wanna be free"

image reads:  "Being Indie means I can choose my own FONT" (the word "font" is in big frilly yellow type)

image reads:  "Writing leaves me warm and fuzzy.  A bit like septicemia."

image reads:  "Writing lets me abuse the alphabet, rather than myself"

image reads (strange one, written in red type):  "I'm so niche that I have no readers (I'd like this in red Arial, bold, 36pt, please.  I'm independent, so make it happen.)  by Thomas Corfield

image reads:  "Traditional publishing conforms to culture.  Indie publishing evolves it."

image reads:  "Indie publishing means I no longer cry myself to sleep"

image reads:  "Indie authorship means telling my stories, my way, and not anybody else's"

image reads:  "When my head gets too crowded, I use writing to get it all out."

image reads:  "I am writing to make this world better and happier"

image reads:  "I kill in books so you don't have to"

image reads:  "Being an indie author gives me flexibility because there's no limitations"

image reads:  "We are authors because we live in books"


Unknown said...


Thank you Mark for uploading my quotes. More power to you, the Smart Author Podcast and the whole Smashwords team.

Chinelo francisca said...

Nice! Many words which I couldn't write in mine. I downloaded a couple of 'em

Unknown said...

Wising the Smart Author Podcast much success. Inspiring quotes, mine is: Being a indie means, the only limits are your own and those of your imagination.

thegurns said...

Thank you for including me Mark!

Unknown said...

Mark, I've downloaded all these wise words, printed them out and pasted them all over my living room walls. It looks a bit like wallpaper, but only if I squint and draw the curtains. My wife hates it, but that's okay because we're getting divorced on Thursday. I intend to do the same to her living room once the restraining order expires, but that's more to annoy Robert, because it's his living room. He's much better looking than me, has more money and is built like an industrial step-down transformer. He also drives a convertible sports car, but I think that's because he gets confused by roofs. I'm okay with all of this, however, because I'm on some very heavy medication and have an excellent specialist. I'm also an independent author, which means that when I'm massively successful, Robert can go and $%@# himself, rather than my wife.