Sunday, December 25, 2011

Smashwords Introduces New Ebook Gifting Feature

Smashwords yesterday released a new ebook gifting feature.

Because Smashwords books are available in multiple ebook formats, our books are readable on any e-reading device.

Simply click to the book you want to gift, and click the "give as gift" button. The shopping cart will ask you for their name and email address. The lucky recipient will receive an email with a hyperlink that allows them to claim their gift. If they're already logged in to their Smashwords account, the book will appear in their Smashwords Library. If they don't have a Smashwords account, they'll be prompted to register.

Prior to this new feature, authors were unable to purchase their own books. One advantage of the gifting option over Smashwords Coupons is that the recipient, assuming they're already a Smashwords member, can simply click the hyperlink in the email and the book is loaded into their Smashwords Library. No purchase or checkout process necessary.

In the next few weeks, we'll add new features based on your feedback. We'll also integrate prompts into purchase confirmation emails and review reminders so your fans are encouraged to purchase your book as a gift for their friends.

We've created a temporary email address where you can send your beta testing feedback and bug reports. Email gift at smashwords dot com

Happy holidays!


Cathrin said...

This is a wonderful gift to all Smashwords authors and fans. Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

TheSFReader said...

Great feature ! It was definitely missing !

Bella Street said...

Thank you Mark for always working on behalf of the author. you rock!!

Judith Marshall said...

Great idea! Another reason for authors to upload their books to Smashwords.

Shannan Sinclair said...

I am getting ready to publish my novel and shopping different self publishing services. This is a FANTASTIC addition. Again, Smashwords is staying innovative and winning me over.

Joleene Naylor said...

This is very cool! :) I also appreciate the new genres - I was happy to see "undead" under horror, though I have to admit I;d love to see vampires get their own category, but hey, I am a vampire junky, so it's to be expected ;)

Keep up the great updates to the site! :D That's one f the reasons I recommend Smashwords to everyone!

ABookVacation said...

Does this mean I can purchase a book for a friend in another country and they can read it on any device? Or, is it like Amazon and it won't work if the book isn't available in their country?

Dovetail Public Relations said...

Abv, once you gift a book, the recipient can download the book in any of the available formats. Our books are available to anyone anywhere.

ABookVacation said...

Wonderful! Now my next question... the site seems to be down. I haven't been able to get through for over 24 hours. Will it be back up soon?

Unknown said...

I'm a moderator over at Paranormal and Horror Lovers on We have a section that another moderator runs called Read 2 Review, where we have readers sign up and work with a writer so that the author can get more personal reviews and criticism.

We're developing an FAQ for the Rules of this section and one question that we have been asked repeatedly is, "Can the author gift a book to a reader via Smashwords? And if they can, will the author be charged for doing so?"

Could you please provide me with some information?

Thank you!

Dovetail Public Relations said...

Emily, yes, an author can gift their book, though a better option is for the author to create a Smashwords coupon code for the reviewer. Smashwords authors will find the Smashwords Coupon Manager in their Dashboard.