Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ebook Readers Buy More Books, Says New Harris Interactive Survey

A new Harris Interactive survey published today finds surging interest in ebooks and rapid adoption of e-reading devices.

Key findings:

  • E-reader usage is surging - 15% of Americans now use an e-reading device, up from 8% one year ago. One in six Americans who don't yet own an e-reader plan to buy one in the next six months.

  • Those with an e-reading device read more books - Whereas 16% of Americans read between 11 and 20 books a year and 20% reading 21 or more books in a year, among those who have an e-reader, 32% read 11-20 books a year and 27% read 21 or more books in an average year.

  • E-reader users buy more books - 32% of Americans report they have not purchased any books in the past year compared to only 6% of e-reader users. Whereas only 10% of Americans purchased between 11 and 20 books and 9% purchased 21 or more books, 17% of e-reader users purchased between 11 and 20 books and 17% of e-reader users purchased 21 or more books.

Click here to read the full ebook survey results from Harris Interactive, which also includes data on the most popular genres.

The survey was based on interviews with 2,183 American adults and was conducted in July.


Wilson James said...

Thanks for finding and sharing this, Mark. In reviewing the Harris Poll, I noted a couple of other fascinating stats:

36% of eReader users read more than before compared to only 16% of non-eReader users. And, only 8% of eReader users say they read less than before compared to 24% of non-eReader users.

However you look at it, the numbers are rising, and clearly Smashwords is helping us authors make our eBooks available to all the new users of e-Readers.

I note that the survey does not include Young Adult readers, my main genre. Without any proof, my theory is that young adults are more likely to use e-Readers than adults. Be interesting to know for certain.

What I do know is that I am very happy that so many copies of my six eBooks are in the hands of those who read, thanks to Smashwords!


Mr Dishwasher said...

Harris Interactive didn't interview people randomly, i.e. from the general population. The respondents are 2,183 adults surveyed online and therefore the numbers will be inflated.

The Daring Novelist said...

I do want to point out to Mr. Dishwasher that the Harris Poll was not one of those which are posted on a website -- where only people who happen across the page, noticed the poll, AND happen to be motivated take it.

Their methodology is similar to telephone polls, in that the respondents are solicited into a pool of generic "poll takers" via email and other recruitment methods, then invited from there to create a demographically balanced group, just as telephone polls are.

While every method has its biases, this poll is definitely up to snuff in terms of proper polling practices.

Joleene Naylor said...

I think part of the reason ebook readers are buying more is price. For the 10$ plus dollars of a single paperback they could potentially buy 10 ebooks. Or maybe that's just me? ;)

I know I read more now that I have a Kindle.