Monday, June 29, 2009

Flash Fiction 40 Winners Revealed

The winners were announced today in the Editor Unleashed/ Smashwords Flash Fiction 40 contest today over at the Editor Unleashed blog.

Congratulations to the 280 contestants who entered with stories of 1,000 words or less.

The list of winners is below, along with their screennames from the the Editor Unleashed forum. I see several Smashwords authors among the winners. Good job all!

Grand Prize Winner ($500!):

Fairy Tales, by Ravenne

Editor's Choice Winners ($25.00 each):

At Last, neenerspb

Being a Cop, lmckelvy

Blind Justice, TrinityWolf99

The Brain Eaters, Lady Lawyer

Buck and the Twee Fairies of Interstate 20, cubagw

Circles, TheRazor

Defection, drwasy

Dreaming Lies to Change the Truth, kaolin

Fate’s Heavy Hand, jimbernheimer

Food of the Gods, judy b.

Frangible Choices, KeMari

Grief Observed, Laurita

Guardian Demon, JRTomlin

Mirror, Mirror gretaigl

Monday, Selena Kitt

Night Becomes the City, MPBerry

In the Nuthouse, d o’brien

Parklife, AlanBaxter

Pirated Twinkies, soesposito

Pure White, Stephen Book

Reflection, rjkelle

Rough Trade, JRhodes

Running on the Iron Rooster, Michael J.

Sales Call, graywave

Savor the moment, Kupohunter

Sign Language, LCourtland

Sportsmen, JohnOBX

Ten One-hundreds of a Second, DeborahB

The Distraction, Nocdar

The Mercantile Exchange, kenaipi

The Nearest Thing, John Wiswell

The Vial, bentguy

The Vigil of Clouds, Alegra

Time for a Change, Carol

‘Tis the Season, jmar2

Unscrambling Love, Angel Zapata

Wake up, Please, everyhopejd

What’s in a Name, Craven

When Don Cristobal Eduardo Stabbed his Wife and her Lover, Christopher James

The winning stories will be published at Smashwords in a special anthology. I'll also do a Q&A feature interview with the Grand Prize winner, right here on the Smashwords Blog.

Special thanks to Maria Schneider and team for judging the entries. Thanks also to Kat Meyer and team for designing the contest graphics.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sponsoring this contest, Mark.

Dovetail Public Relations said...

You're welcome, RJ! Congrats on your win!