Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Smashwords Ebooks Now in Native Stanza Catalog

We issued a press release today announcing that Smashwords ebooks are now listed in the native Stanza catalog. Stanza is the critically acclaimed electronic book reader app for the iPhone and iPod Touch used by over one million readers. The agreement dramatically increases the readership opportunities for independent authors.

From the press release:

"Our partnership with Smashwords provides an immediate pathway for independent authors to sample and sell their books on the iPhone via Stanza," said Neelan Choksi, Chief Operating Officer at Lexcycle. "As the publishing industry struggles to adapt to a challenging bookselling environment, new digital publishing models such as Smashwords/Stanza create exciting opportunities for independent authors to reach new readers."

"Our mission at Smashwords is to provide independent authors the tools they need to publish, promote and sell their ebooks," said Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, based in Los Gatos, Calif. "This relationship with Lexcycle will put our authors' books in the hands of over one million Stanza users for immediate sampling and purchase."
For independent authors who hold the digital rights to their new or out of print books, there's never been a better time to publish with Smashwords. Authors simply register for a free account at Smashwords and upload their finished manuscript as a Microsoft Word file. Smashwords automatically converts the book into multiple DRM-free ebook formats including the EPUB standard used by Stanza, ready for immediate sampling and sale online via Stanza and the Smashwords online bookstore. Authors set the price of their book, determine the sampling percentage, and receive up to 85% of net sales proceeds.
Click here to read the full press release.


Joanna Penn said...

Hi Mark - this is a brilliant development! I can now see my book on the iPhone in a catalogue and have access to many more buyers.

I have made more sales on Smashwords in the one week I have been on than I made on Clickbank over several months!

I hope you will continue to find partners who can distribute to other ebook readers in such an easy format. Thank you!

Joanna Penn
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Dovetail Public Relations said...

We'd love to take all the credit, but I'm sure it's your own book promotion efforts that made all the difference. We appreciate the kudos!

Ginny M. Christensen said...

Hello Mark - There was an article about you and your company in my local Fresno Bee, but it got thrown out so I did a search and am so glad I found you! My publisher (BookLocker) offers e-books but not through Ipods and Iphones. This is a great idea and I will definitely be using you for my children's books and upcoming novel. Great Idea!

Ginny M. Christensen, Fresno, CA

LifeGiver said...

Hi Mark, I don't use iPhone but would to check if my book is listed in Stanza. Is there a way to check on the internet? Thanks.