Monday, February 5, 2018

New 2018 Edition of the Smashwords Book Marketing Guide Offers 65 Book Marketing Ideas

The new 2018 edition of the Smashwords Book Marketing Guide is now available.

Click to your favorite retailer to download it now for free:

Barnes & Noble

You'll learn 65 book marketing ideas ideas to make your book more discoverable and desirable to readers.  Even if you've already implemented some of these ideas, I provide fresh context to make your implementation of these ideas even more effective.

You'll learn how to:
  1. Spend more time writing and less time on marketing
  2. Build your author brand
  3. Drive greater reader word of mouth
  4. Make your book market itself though autopilot marketing
  5. Use preorders to improve marketing efficiency and reader lock-in so your new book is already marketing your next book
  6. Leverage blogs to market your books
  7. Market your ebooks to libraries
  8. Run creative, reader-pleasing promotions with Smashwords Coupons
  9. Earn mainstream media coverage
  10. Partner with fellow authors on over 10 collaborative marketing opportunities
And there's so much more.

The Guide features a new introduction, dozens of new and updated marketing tips, and a new “Deep Dives” section that covers social media strategy for authors, how to work with beta readers, and how to earn free press coverage.

This is my first update since 2013.  The previous edition was 16,000 words.  This new expanded edition is 40,000 words.  I think the continued popularity of the older edition speaks to my unique approach to book marketing.  I emphasize evergreen book marketing strategies that will work for many years to come.  

As readers of this blog may know, before I published this new edition of the Smashwords Book Marketing Guide I first serialized it in audio form on my SMART AUTHOR podcast.  I completed that serialization on January 26 and released the ebook on January 31.

Here's Episode 10 to give you a taste of what this new 2018 edition offers.



Mark said...

Thanks, Mark! But is this different from the older version? I tried to download it on Amazon, and they said I already have a copy, therefore I can't download it. I do have an old version. Is it basically the same as the old version?

Wanda Luthman said...

Hi Mark, I'm looking forward to checking out your book. I love anything that would make marketing happen on autopilot!! Thank you for offering your book for free. I will, of course, leave a review.

Mark Coker said...

@Mark, I'm checking with Amazon for some guidance. Based on my initial research, there's an option on the Kindle that will allow you to receive updates to previously downloaded books, but it also looks like sometimes the customer needs to contact them to make it happen. As soon as I hear back I'll post here. And yes, it's dramatically expanded with lots of new stuff. In the meantime, you could go to the Smashwords link and download the mobi version there.

@Wanda, thanks! I trust you'll find new ideas you can put to use immediately and at no cost.

Wanda Luthman said...

That would be fabulous! Free is a new author's best friend!!

joaquim pipa said...

I have created a great book trailer to go with a book listed on smashwords, I had hoped to create a link to the video book trailer on YouTube. 640 X 360 has served me very well. The question is how exactly is this link created within the book page? I have searched other books to find a current author to get an idea but can't find any, need help.

No BS internet marketer said...

Thanks Mark for this!
This would be a BIG help for me. Marketing is difficult but this will be a GREAT help
Thanks once again mate.