Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Letter from a Smashwords Reader

Last night, I wrote a short post about the value of the written word. I often receive emails from authors who thank us for giving them the chance to reach an audience, no matter how small.

Today, I received an email from Monique in Savannah, Georgia, who offered a perspective of what Smashwords means to readers like her. With permission, her email is reprinted below:

I am new to the e-book realm and read your company information. My love of good fiction is only overshadowed only by my feeling that a great book is one that shows us some truth about human nature and helps us better understand ourselves and perhaps the motivations and inner realities of those around us. I now realize that I (and all readers) actually have access to characters, imaginings and truths that would otherwise lie dormant on some editors desk.

Thank you for this!

Monique T.
Savannah, GA
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What does Smashwords mean to you?

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  1. It's nice to see a reader comment as a Smashwords author. I do hope readers will let us know directly, as well, via reviewing our stories! Readers ... we care what you think! :-)