Thursday, May 15, 2008

Amazon Kindle Sales to Approach $1 Billion by 2010?

Amazon has revealed little data about Kindle sales, but now, according to TechCrunch, Citigroup Analyst Mark Mahaney has issued a report predicting that Amazon will generate up $750 million in Kindle revenues by 2010, with half of that coming from device sales and the other half book sales.

Based on my look at the Kindle, I think it's going to be a huge hit and will expose hundreds of thousands of readers to the joy of digital books. Sure, the device isn't perfect, but with few more simple tweaks and a price reduction Amazon has a killer device on its hands.

Smashwords books are easily readable on the Kindle.


  1. With regard to the Kindle, it, like all e-readers currently available, has a number of fundamental design flaws: it does not look, feel, or work like a book.

    Forcing the user to get to grips with a new format to replace well designed old technology has never worked well.

    Basically, I don’t want someone to redesign the book or change my reading experience, I just want an electronic book. If someone comes up with one of those, at a reasonable cost, I’ll have it, and so will millions of others.

  2. Nick,

    What changes would you make to the Kindle, or other eBook readers, to make it suit your requirements?

    -- Gordy